We get a questions from time to time from our clients and have set this page up to help answer some in advance. If you have anything else you want to ask you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Will there be sightseeing along the way?2018-12-06T11:09:28+00:00

Seriously? You are seriously asking this? Oooh yes, you better believe there will be sightseeing along the way! Just take a look at the photos on our site and you will get somewhat of an idea what to expect.

What is the accommodation like on the way?2018-12-06T11:06:03+00:00

We make every effort to stay in the most comfortable accommodation options available, that said, we are up in the Himalayas and sometimes options are a little bit limited. Rooms are on a twin sharing basis, self-contained (i.e. their own bathrooms) and generally are quite comfortable. Expect to have hot water, showers, room service, pillows, blankets and perhaps even a TV -but really who is going to watch TV! Some places should have WIFI but we generally encourage everyone to bring prepaid SIM cards should they “need” connectivity.

What type of riding experience do I need?2018-12-06T11:00:27+00:00

You definitely don’t need to be a motocross champion to come on one of our rides. Generally anyone with a few thousand kilometers under their boots, in a couple of different conditions (rain, rough, tarmac), will be fine. The hardest (roughest) part of the ride will be done at the slowest possible speeds to help keep everyone safe. Most days we will be riding between 2-6 hours at maximum (including plenty of stops for selfies, lunch, snacks and perhaps a dip in the freezing river waters for those who are keen).

Can I get a local prepaid phone SIM card / data plan?2018-12-04T11:41:22+00:00

You bet your sweet mustache you can! SIM cards are super cheap and you can grab one in the airport on your way through (or we’ll try to help arrange one on the way). As long as your phone is not network locked you can just shove it in and go. Everything is pre-paid and data is super cheap. Expect to pay somewhere like $5 total for around 2GB of data per day (for 28 days). Speeds are not amazing in the mountains… but they will certainly allow you to stay connected.

We recommend the following network providers (no specific order), nothing else really works in the mountains:

  • BSNL
  • Airtel
  • Vodaphone
  • Idea
Do I need any vaccinations or medications?2018-12-04T11:35:03+00:00

Other than personal medication you really don’t need anything else. You are welcome to consult a Doctor but outside of perhaps a typhoid shot you really don’t need to worry. Some people ask if anti-malarial medication is needed, it is not. There are almost no mosquitoes in the mountains and even on the orphanage malaria has not raised it’s ugly head for more than a decade. Your call of course, some people want to be extra careful.

Where do I apply for my visa?2018-12-04T11:59:17+00:00

We recommend that you apply online for an E-Tourist Visa via the official Indian website: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html

We recommend applying at least a month before the trip, though some people have received their visa in less than a week. There are also plenty of other agents and third party companies/websites out there… but we have no experience with them.

What about money? Are there ATMs on the way?2018-12-04T11:51:33+00:00

We advise that everyone carry some petty cash, a good number would be 10,000 rupees which is about $200. You can use your regular ATM card at one of the many ATMs in the airport, Delhi or on the way to the orphanage on Day 1.

Please make sure you tell your bank you are going to India. If you don’t do this they might lock your credit card when they see a transaction in Delhi.

What about food and water quality on the road?2018-12-04T11:21:53+00:00

Don’t worry, we will make sure you get the best possible quality food and filtered drinking water at all times. There may be some spice in the food from time to time but it will not be crazy hot.

Do I need a motorbike license in my home country?2018-12-04T11:18:35+00:00

Yes. All Dtour riders must have a valid motorcycle license either in India or their home country. Pillion riders obviously don’t need to worry about this.

Do I need an International Drivers Permit?2018-12-04T11:16:50+00:00

Technically you do need an International Drivers Permit to drive in India, but a regular motorcycle license is more than sufficient for local police. That said we recommend that everyone purchase an IDP (as they are only about $20) and if anything happens your insurance company may object if you do not have one.

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